Blissful reflexology
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Weekly Specials:

Monday: all Energy Healing sessions 10% off

Tuesday: "Happy Feet" Reflexology $45

Thursday: all Combo sessions 10% off. 


With love and respect to all of my clients I would like to request the following.  For all those who have taken the Covid injection, I would kindly ask that you please wait a minimum of 30 days from date of the injection before booking your next appointment.  This request is to ensure the safety of all of my clients and to protect myself and my family.  As you are aware, this is an experimental injection and the risks of transmission and health effects

to those around are as yet unknown. 


Thank you for your kind co-operation

in this matter!


​​I've started Bliss For The Sole Health & Wellness Arts in Port Coquitlam because I deeply believe in the power of the healing touch through natural therapies. I have created a place of healing and blissful relaxation, where people can feel peaceful and removed from the rest of the world. I love seeing people feel great, so when someone comes in feeling stressed or in pain and leaves my studio feeling restored and rejuvenated, THAT is what makes me feel on purpose and loving what I do.


*this practice offers NON-registered massage therapy

(cannot be claimed thru insurance)

*massage sessions offered to MALE clients - by referral ONLY



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Wed: 10:00am - 3:00pm

Thurs: 10:00am - 9:00pm

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