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Reflexology is a safe, non-invasive, natural therapy based on the concept that nerve endings in the extremities of our bodies, primarily in the feet, are connected by energy pathways to different parts of our bodies. By stimulating these points, tension is released, bringing profound relaxation, creating a sense of well-being and assisting the body in healing itself.

Foot reflexology practice located in Port Coquitlam, specializing in plantar fasciits and relaxation

"Irina is an amazing massage therapist. If you want to feel relaxed and at peace, book an appointment with her. She also does energy healing and she is the BEST. I can honestly say that she calms my mind and puts me in a deep meditative state!!! GREAT prices too, which is a BONUS!"

Mariella Ignatieff, Maple Ridge

"Pamper Me" 70 min Foot Reflexology   $70

"Treat for the Feet" 55 min Foot Reflexology   $55

Three "Pamper Me" sessions -  $195

Five "Pamper Me" sessions -  $300

Five "Treat for the Feet" sessions - $250

What can I expect in a reflexology session?

Your first visit will take 10 minutes longer, as you will fill out a confidential client health history form.
We will discuss your  goals and health history, and prepare a plan just for you. You will not be charged for the extra time.
You will remain fully clothed, except for your socks and shoes (it is recommended to wear comfortable clothing)
During the session, you will relax on a heated massage table
Aromatherapy, soothing music and dimmed lights will be used to further enhance your relaxation.


What will I receive in a reflexology session?

A relaxing 10 minute foot soak that may contain Epsom salts, essential oils or herbs
Massage strokes to relieve tension and warm up the feet
Specific stimulation techniques applied to reflex point and areas
Lower leg, foot and toe stretches and massage to induce deeper relaxation and increase circulation

Who should not receive reflexology?

  • Long term diabetics and those with numbness in the feet, it could cause bruising and lead to further complications.

  • Blood clots, this is a contraindication for all massage.

  • Severe congestive heart failure, especially if they cannot sleep in a flat position.

  • Athletes foot fungus, it can be highly contagious.

  • Broken bones in the foot and ankle.

  • Conditions of the foot area that require medical attention. 

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