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"Thank you so much for the treatment the other day, it was outstanding!  My feet and whole body was singing!  Even my shoulder/arm is feeling better…I want more!" 

Liz Hynes, Port Coquitlam

"After suffering two concussions, I was referred to Bliss for the Sole Massage and Reflexology for treatment. 
One, I have NEVER experienced such relaxation and healing in one session. Furthermore, when a therapist has such extraordinary knowledge of the body, not only inside, but out.... one can not do anything but heal. The tranquility, and healing you will feel in just one session.... a dollar amount could NEVER define!!! 
THANK YOU, from the bottom of my heart!!!

Deanna Law, Port Coquitlam

"I came to Irina with aches and pains that affected a great deal of my body. After just a couple of treatments the pain was quickly disappearing. Irina is very knowledgeable and easy to talk to. She offers a variety of services, all of which she performs with professionalism and a warm, caring personality. Definitely my go to for body treatments!!!"

Becky Roosdahl, Port Coquitlam

"I have had approximately 20 reflexology sessions with Irina, as well as four energy healing sessions.  I have also brought her into my office twice to do corporate massages that were very well received by everyone! Irina is extremely knowledgeable, very caring and a true healer!  Nothing is more important to her than her client's well being.  She is a delightful person and always has such a happy and positive energy around her that she just makes you feel better by being in the same room with her.  I highly recommend her to everyone!"

Vi Bodi, Coquitlam

"I just came back from the MOST amazing massage by Anca Irina Breazu (Bliss For The Sole)!! She's reaaaaaally goooood! Her healing hands magically worked to relieve the pain deep in my shoulders and neck, and I felt so relaxed under her care. I love what she does, and she does it with a heart! *thumbs up* Everyone has to try her! Thank you, Irina!"

Pearl Leong, Pearl's Tutoring, Coquitlam

"Today I had an amazing relaxation time at Bliss for the Sole. Irina is amazing; the energy you feel from her hands, the atmosphere she created at her massage studio, it is simply beautiful. The moment you step inside you know you are in for an terrific experience! I even slept during the reflexology foot massage!! It was exceptional! Thank you Irina! "

Camelia Robu, Delta

"This place is truly Bliss for the Sole.  It is the best reflexology I have ever had, very relaxing and calming.  No matter what day I had, I know that after an hour with Irina I will be a different person, calmer and relaxed.   She always make time for me and she is one of the kindest people I know".  


Catharina Muller, Port Coquitlam

"Over the years, I have seen a number of Practitioners , due to a physically demanding job, and general life stresses. Irina is like no other ! :) Her expertise, and experience provided the pain relief and relaxation beyond anything I could have hoped for. The effects were long lasting too, as I continued to feel stronger and healthier. HIGHLY RECOMMEND her !!!"

DL L (Google review)

"Recently I took my mother-in-law for a shoulder and foot massage. Her shoulders were very sore and she wanted to get back to her golf that she loves so much. After one treatment her shoulders and back are feeling much better. She is going back next week and says she will continue every 2 weeks all through the golf season. Irina's hands are miracle workers!"

Lynn MacKenzie, Port Coquitlam

"Irina is an amazing massage therapist. If you want to feel relaxed and at peace, book an appointment with her. She also does energy healing and she is the BEST. I can honestly say that she calms my mind and puts me in a deep meditative state!!! GREAT prices too, which is a BONUS!"

Mariella Ignatieff, Maple Ridge

"Irina is a magician of body work! After a session of reflexology and a scalp massage, it felt like I had a full body massage for hours. I'm looking forward to regular appointments and highly recommend Irina's services. This career is definitely her calling with healing hands".

Keesha Dorosz-Rosario,

President of the Rotary Club, Maple Ridge

"Irina's massages are awesome! She really knows how to get even the toughest knots out. She is a life saver when it comes to stress relief. I cannot thank you enough for all your great work on my shoulder!"

Anca Jianu, Maple Ridge

Hands down one of the best massages I've ever gotten. Irina is amazing! Seriously, magic hands. I will be back here and often. Thank you for your super professional service.

So P (Google review)

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