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Bio-Energy healing is a transformational healing therapy (bio-energy is a natural energy force that flows through all life forms). A non-invasive health modality, which EFFECTIVELY treats physical, emotional, mental and spiritual imbalances by accessing and working with an individual’s energy field. Illness is created by energy blocks in the body. The practitioner uses a series of techniques to release these blocks and re-establish the natural flow of energy throughout the body. 

Energy healing practice located in Port Coquitlam, specializing in pain relief and relaxation

Single Bio-Energy Healing session  $75

Package of 5 Bio-Energy Healing sessions  $350 ($70/session)

What is involved in a treatment?

A typical Bio-Energy treatment takes place over 4 consecutive weeks with a 5th follow up treatment after a month or over 4 consecutive days with the follow up treatment after 3 weeks. There is minimal touch and you remain fully clothed, removing only the shoes and any metallic objects. You may be asked to stand or sit in a chair, depending on the technique being used. For people with long time held chronic conditions, a second set of treatments might be necessary. 

What can I expect during a treatment?

You may experience different sensations as the energy is being moved through the body: heat, cold, tingling or swaying sensations. Sometimes a client can feel more pain during a session, which is created by stagnant energy being moved through the body to be released. The increased pain will dissolve by the end of the treatment. Sometimes a client might feel very little sensations during the first treatment, but they will find their condition diminish over the next week following the treatment. Each person is different and has a unique response to the energy healing sessions.

What conditions can be treated with Bio-Energy Healing?

Because the focus of Bio-Energy Healing is removing the root of the problem by eliminating the energy blocks in the body, many conditions can be treated with this natural therapy. Some of the illnesses that have responded favourably to this modality are back pain, arthritis, eczema and psoriasis, headaches, neck issues, stress, digestive problems, impotence, hormonal issues, diabetes, addictions, early stages of cancers. 

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