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The ionic detoxification foot soak is a gentle natural method that pulls unwanted toxins out of the body by a bio energetic ionic exchange. It is excellent for those who need to detoxify the body, to restore or to maintain an overall state of well-being and energy. The device energizes the water with negative and positive ions through a process called electrolysis. The toxins circulating through the blood stream in the region of the feet are also charged particles. They will be naturally drawn to the opposite charged ions in the water. They will be pulled from the blood stream and will be eliminated out of the body by osmosis and diffusion at the soles of the feet. In the end, these toxins are neutralized in the water of the foot bath.

What is

Ionic Foot Detox Bath?

Ionic foot detox bath for detoxification and joints pain relief

Ionic Foot Detox  (includes 15 min foot massage)   $48

Package of 3 Ionic Foot Detox sessions                     $135

Package of 5 Ionic Foot Detox sessions                     $210

Package of 10 Ionic Foot Detox sessions                   $390

90 minutes "TOTAL DETOX" Combo session               $90

(30 min foot reflexology, 30 min ionic foot detox & 30 min infrared sauna)                     

Package of 3 "Total Detox" Combo sessions             $255

What Should I Expect During The Treatment?

The treatment will last 30 minutes and it involves placing your feet into a bowl filled with warm salted water. During this time, you just sit back and relax, while your body is being rejuvenated. Some people experience mild tingling sensations in their feet, but most do not experience any sensation, except for gentle relaxation.

Are There Any Side Effects To The Treatment?

Usually, no. However, some people might experience mild headaches after the treatment, as the body will continue to detoxify for the next 24 to 48 hours. Drinking plenty of water during and after the treatment will prevent these side effects.

How Many Treatments Should I Have?

You can have as much as 2 sessions per week for the first 3 weeks. However, it is recommended to leave at least 48 hours between sessions. After the initial detoxification phase, you can have sessions once a month for maintenance.

Who Should Not Have Foot Detox Treatments?

Anyone who suffers from epilepsy or who has a fitted pacemaker
People with organ implants
Pregnant women
Children under the age of 10
People with open wounds or abrasions on their feet

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